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Regional Game Development, Global Perspectives


Three international indie developers share experiences of creating and organizing in the culturally specific contexts of their home game developments scenes as well as within the broader global development community

Jaroslav Svelch:

“This talk will look at diversity from the regional and local point of view. It will trace a history of Central and Eastern European games, especially Czech ones, from behind the Iron Curtain into a globalized market. It will discuss in which ways the changes in the global games market have been beneficial or detrimental to the diversity of regional perspectives in games as a medium.”

Mahdi Bahrami:

“This is a presentation about my experience of trying to become a game developer in Iran as a sanctioned country. What were the problems I was facing and how I solved them. How we can help others to not have those problems. And why it is important to care about these problems if we want diversity.”

Sagan Yee:

“Do you have questions about video games, but aren’t sure where to ask? You might be Game Curious! After a presentation about the original 6-week Toronto initiative, which has been running since 2013, we will look at a selection of indie games, session themes, activities and resources that have proven to engage self-proclaimed gamers and non-gamers alike. Audience members will learn various techniques for engaging communities by exploring the role of video games in art, science, education and activism, as well as learn valuable lessons from our challenges with technology access, inclusion and outreach. Games are for everyone. Especially you!”