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Killing Time at Lightspeed

By John Kane



Created for the 2014 Antholojam. A text-based game structured like a social media timeline, where the story plays out faster than you can act. An attempt at exploring the connections we all have to people online who we may be powerless to help except with our words.


After working for several years making games and websites in Flash, John started entering game jams in April 2012 beginning with the Molyjam (What Would MolyDeux?), and most recently the Antholojam, hosted by Zoe Quinn. He hosted his own “Public Domain Jam” with Nicky Case in 2014, and the second Public Domain Jam will occur in May 2015. John’s currently working on “Mallow Drops” for iOS, Android, OUYA and PC/Mac (expected 2015 release), and “A Theft of Colour” expected 2016-17. / @gritfish