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Diatomic Number

By Brian S. Chung & GJ Lee



Diatomic Numbers

Diatomic Number is a game of seeing impossible colors, and collecting and arranging diatoms. It’s a 2D game that uses the Oculus Rift to display “impossible colors,” which exist outside of the commonly known color space. An example of such a color is red-green: an optical mixture that exhibits qualities of both bright red and bright green simultaneously, a vibrating color with high saturation and luminosity. Normally, when mixing red and green paint, the result would be a dull brown with low saturation and luminosity. Play as a diatomist, collecting and arranging luminous and iridescent diatoms through a microscope.


Brian S. Chung and GJ Lee are both game designers and developers, educators, and event producers. They are the cofounders of The Sheep’s Meow, which is both a not-for-profit game development community organization and an independent game studio. As a community organization, their mission is to support local developers, make game creation inclusive and accessible, and help people get started making their own games. As an independent games studio, they create games that make you see differently. In addition to Diatomic Number (Oculus Rift), they are currently developing EXPOSURE (PC / Mac / Linux / Wii U). / @thesheepsmeow