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Bunny Blur

By Kaho Abe

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Bunny Blur is a work in progress racing car video game that highlights the absurdity of some aspects of straight male car culture by replacing all characters with bunnies. Simultaneously it is a nod to the classic racing arcade game experience which my sister and I enjoyed while growing up. A custom dashboard is embedded with various components such as toggles, push-buttons, keypads, guages with stepper motors, an alpha-numeric display and a Logitech force feedback steering wheel. The prototype is made from foam board but will eventually be replaced with wood to be a custom cabinet. The 3D objects are drawn in Blender, and the game is created with Unity.


Kaho Abe is a game designer and media artist based in NYC interested in improving social and personal experiences through the use of technology, fashion and games. She is currently the Artist in Residence at the NYU Game Innovation Lab, where she designs and builds games with custom controllers with the hope to bring people together face to face. Some of her notable projects include Hit Me!, Mary Mack 5000 and Ninja Shadow Warrior. More recently she has been exploring the possibilities of Costumes as Game Controllers. / @kahodesu