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By Alicia Contestabile



Borderlines is an interactive game-like experience made with Twine that creates a visceral, visual interpretation of a scary and scarring personal navigation through the mental health system, from being diagnosed, to the claustrophobic feeling of being told who and what you are. It is meant as a touch-piece for those who have been through the system to feel a resonance and a connection to others who have also, as well as a tool for awareness for those who have not.


Alicia Marie is an independent game designer and writer of poetry, fiction, and screenplays. A semi-professional student chipping away at her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto focusing on English Lit, Cinema and Creative Writing. Alicia has been making games since February 2013, beginning with Twine. She recently started dabbling in pixel art, and developing in Unity. Her current projects include a visual fantasy novel that intends to queer the genre, starring characters that defy tropes, including gender non-conforming and non-binary characters. She’s also a committee member of Dames Making Games Toronto. / @swizzle_kiss