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Bear and His Boy

By Kurt Bieg



Bear and His Boy

Bear and His Boy is a physical board game where two people engage in an unhealthy co-dependency with each other. The game exposes players to the idea that abusive relationships don’t simply happen, they start as mutually beneficial, but slowly over time, the cost of being in that relationship and benefits that initially came from it change. A Bear and His Boy encourages people to learn about this slippery slope.


Kurt Bieg is the founder of Simple Machine, an acclaimed independent game studio located in New York. After receiving his MFA from Parson’s Design and Technology program he went on to create numerous titles including Circadia, LEX, and most recently, The Outcast for iOS and Android platforms. His work has been showcased by Apple, Starbucks, the Independent Games Festival, Indiecade, and the Come Out & Play festival. / @kurrrt